Crestmont Farm Family

Crestmont Farm and Crestmont Ranch operate as private businesses that create value by producing lumber for construction and high-quality feeder cattle for future consumption. Production is closely complemented by practices that demonstrate responsible stewardship for the underlying natural resources.

Crestmont Land Trust is a registered non-profit operating foundation. Its mission is to own and manage public spaces that are perpetually self-sustaining and environmentally focused. The Land Trust’s charitable initiatives include enhanced community, recreation, education, and research experiences.

Crestmont Farm, Crestmont Ranch, and Crestmont Land Trust collaborate on various habitat and ecological initiatives as the Crestmont Farm Family. The contiguous trio of properties includes mixed-species forests, oak woodlands, oak savannah, conifer plantations, grazing pastures, and various habitat resources (including riparian zones, habitat for endangered and threatened species, and ecologically sensitive areas). Each property demonstrates the benefits of integrating agricultural production with habitat management.

Crestmont Land Trust applies the forestry, grazing, habitat management, and ecological initiatives that are employed across the Crestmont Farm Family. For more information, including photos and videos, please visit